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2017高考英语一轮复习 Unit 2 Healthy eating练习 新人教版必修3


Unit 2 Healthy eating


2015 训练题:任务型阅读(共 10 小题)

Do you love traveling? If the answer is yes, then have you ever thought about

why? You may maintain that traveling can help you expand your scope of knowledge,

especially geographical and historical learning. It will provide more chances for

you to enjoy food and try on clothes that you otherwise cannot possible have. A famous

English author Francis Bacon (1561-1626) makes a point when he says that, “Travel,

in the younger sort, is a part of education; in the elder, a part of experience.”

Evidence of leisure travel can be traced as far back as ancient Babylon. This

year, according to the World Travel & Tourism Council, the 1 billionth tourist will

cross an international boundary before the end of this month. That means that one

in seven people on the planet traveled this year, something that would not have been

possible a few decades ago. Around 20 years ago only the rich could travel.

While the US and France remain the two largest destinations for world travel,

experts say much of the explosive growth in tourism has been to countries like

Guatemala, the Dominican Republic, and the Ivory Coast, which weren’t even on the

world tourism map a decade ago. The top five destinations in the world, according

to the United Nations World Tourism Organization, are Paris, London, New York, the

Mediterranean, Turkey.

Several factors have led to the boom in world travel. The prosperity (富裕) of

people in Asia is one factor. People in Asian developing countries have lifted their

incomes above middle-class levels in the past few years. And a lot of them have used

their new wealth to travel. In addition, travel costs have been reduced thanks to

the rapid development of transportation, and competition between airlines to give

customers the best prices.



● Enrich knowledge, especially in 66

and history.


● Taste different 67

and buy different clothes.

● Francis Bacon thinks that travel is a part of education and a part of experience

● 68

from ancient Babylon, travel only really took off after World War II

● Only the wealthy people could go on a trip about two 69


Development ● The number of people travelling abroad will 70

as many as 1 billion befor

the end of this month.

● The US and France remain the two most popular countries for world travel.

● Tourism has developed 72

in countries like Guatemala, the Dominica


Republic, and the Ivory Coast.

71 ● The top five destinations in the world are Paris, London, New York, the Mediterranea

and Turkey.

Factors 73 ● Asian people have get 74

than before.


the ● People have75

less money on travel because of convenient transportatio

popularity of and price competition between airlines.

global tourism



food(s) Dating

decades reach


explosively/quickly/rapidly/fast resulting

richer/wealthier Spent

一、单句语法填空 1.(2014·辽宁,语法填空)Move slowly,then be sure to keep ________ balance and don't
let your body shake. 2.It's great for women to have their children and jobs ________ (combine). 3.(2014·重庆,阅读 B)Some people believe that they can't help ________ (put)on
weight as they get older. 4.It was by ________ (cut)down the cost that the factory made some money and got
out of debt in the end. 5.My husband must ________ (gain)weight.The sweater that used to fit him well is
now too tight for him. 6.(2015·新课标全国Ⅱ,阅读 C)New students are now aware that they are likely to
leave university up to £15,000 ________ debt. 7.Mr.Stevenson is great to work for—I really couldn't ask for a ________ (good)boss. 8.He knew he could get through any emergency by doing ________ he could to the best
of his ability. 9.(2014·辽宁,七选五)As part of ________ healthy diet,eat more fruits and

vegetables each day.

10.They were so frightened that they had the light ________ (burn)all night.


1.your 2.combined 3.putting 4.cutting 5.have gained

6.in 7.better 8.what 9.a 10.burning

二、完形填空 Leonardo da Vinci began painting the Mona Lisa in 1503.He was working __1__ a special

painting for a church at that time,__2__ the church painting was not __3__ well.An

Italian businessman asked da Vinci to paint a picture of his second __4__ .This is

the woman who __5__ be seen in the Mona Lisa.

All in all,the Mona Lisa is a very good example of da Vinci's __6__and it satisfied

the husband.Da Vinci used __7__ and light in a clever __8__in the painting.Da Vinci

loved science and __9__.Right away a person can see that there is a lot of geometry(几

何形状)in the Mona Lisa.The face of the Mona Lisa is made of many circles and __10__

shapes like __11__ even.Her __12__can be seen as a small part of a large circle.The

woman in the __13__ is sitting on a balcony(阳台),and __14__can be seen behind her.Da

Vinci loved to study rocks,so these can be seen __15__ in his other paintings.The

woman is sitting with her knees __16__the side.Her head is turned to look out of the

painting.Her hands are __17__together in front of her.This way of __18__is now used

by many __19__when __20__.The Mona Lisa is a remarkable master.





答案:C 考查固定搭配,work on 指从事某一件事。





答案:A 根据 the church painting was not__3__well.可知上下文意义有“转折”关系。





答案:B 考查习惯用法。go well 表示进展顺利。





答案:D 从后面的 the husband 中可以得到足够的启示。





答案:D 情态动词 can 表示“能、会”。





答案:A works 意为“作品”。《蒙娜丽莎》应是达·芬奇的“作品”之一。





答案:C 与 light 相对应的是 darkness。





答案:A 明暗对比是绘画技巧、方法之一。





答案:B 在其画中大量使用几何形状,说明他喜爱“数学”。





答案:B 和 circles 相当的自然是“round”shapes。





答案:A 圆形的东西,四个选项中只有 balls 符合。





答案:A 根据常识,B、C、D 三项无法用几何图形来表达。





答案:B the woman 指的就是“画”中的蒙娜丽莎。





答案:C 由后面的 rocks 可以联想到 mountains。

15.A.by and by

B.here and there

C.over and over

D.up and down

答案:C 在其他的一些画中也能看到 rocks,说明 rocks“反复地,再三地”出现在他的画中。





答案:C to the side 指侧向一边,符合画的意境。





答案:B 保持身体姿势如何用 hold。





答案:D 前面谈的就是蒙娜丽莎的“坐”姿。





答案:D 仿效这种坐姿的应是艺术“模特”。

20.A.they are being painted


C.being painted

D.they have painted

答案:A 模特应该是在供人们作画时才摆出这种坐姿的。

三、阅读理解 A 【2016 高考训练题】(由 2014·福建卷 C 改编) BLOOD DRIVE & MARROW(骨髓)REGISTRATION “These patients deserve a chance at a normal, happy future and they rely on the kindness of the strangers to make that happen.
— Daisy, Isabelle’s Mother Isabelle is the daughter of Daisy and Saman Mirzaei. In January 2008 Isabelle was diagnosed(诊断)with a genetic blood disorder,beta thalassemia. Isabelle’s body is unable to produce healthy red blood cells. As a result, Isabelle has been receiving blood transfusions (输血) every 4-6weeks since she was 11 months old. A lifetime of regular transfusions can lead to serious medical problems. Her only chance at

a normal, healthy life is to have a marrow transplant. Isabelle is an only child, so doctors have started a search for an unrelated marrow donor through The Match Registry. The Mirzaei family asks that you consider helping patients like Isabelle by registering to be a marrow donor and give the gift of life, the gift of blood. Held at Wiley Hall Wednesday, March 26, 2014 Behind Heathman Dormitory/Butterfield Rd. 12:00 PM - 6 :00 PM
Don’t forget to bring your driver’s license or another form of identification when you donate.
Visit www.ribc.org to make an appointment, Sponsor Code 3390. FREE Kingston Pizza ! ! !

Marrow Donors:



·be 18 to 44 years old

·in good health

·give a swab(化验标本)of your cheek cells for marrow typing

·FREE—sponsored(赞助)by Michael’s Fund

WWW. ribc. org


The Rhode Island Blood Center distributes blood products to hospitals in Rhode Island

and Southern New England.

1. We can learn from the passage that__________.

A. the blood drive is organized by Isabelle's mother

B. Isabelle receives blood transfusions regularly

C. Isabelle has been ill for 11 months

D. doctors will sponsor Isabelle's family

2. To be a marrow donor, you must_____________.

A. be a relative of the patient

B. carry a driver's license

C. be at least 18 years old

D. apply to Michael's Fund

3 . Those who want to help patients like Isabelle can ___________.

A. come to Wiley Hall every Wednesday B. visit www. ribc. org for an appointment C. contact their parents at 800-283-8385 D. call at hospitals in Rhode Island
文章大意:本文是一则公益广告,号召人们为了那些需要进行骨髓移植的人捐献骨髓。介绍 了与之相关的具体信息。 1. B 。细节题。根据文章第一段 3,4 行. As a result, Isabelle has been receiving blood transfusions (输血) every 4-6weeks since she was 11 months old.可知她自从她 11 个月以来,就一直在接受输血。故 B 正确。 2.C。细节题。根据 be 18 to 44 years old 可知捐献者必须是在 18-44 岁之间。故 C 正确。 3. B。细节题。根据 Visit www.ribc.org to make an appointment, Sponsor Code 3390. 可知愿意捐献的人可以访问这个网址进行联系约定。故 B 正确。
B 2016 高考训练题。阅读理解。 阅读下列短文,从每题所给的四个选项(A、B、C 和 D)中,选出最佳选项。 My last days of my month-Song trip to Guatemala found me self-reflective and grateful. I had rejoined the living after spending two days in bed, thanks to a terrible period of food poisoning that had me running from both ends. I spent 36-plus hours locked up in my hotel room in a cold sweat and grasping my st omach in pain. There may have been a bit of crying. There also may have been a few out-loud prayers to God begging him to make it stop and asking why I had been chosen to go through this. I should mention that I am not religious. I didn’t have a mobile phone and my hotel room was not equipped with a fixed line, so I had no way to get in contact with my mommy or my loving boyfriend so that I could share my suffering. Days later, I had recovered fully. While the bug (虫子) ran its course, I had to give some thanks to the staff at my hotel in Guatemala for being so sweet. They came to check on me on a couple of occasions once they realized I wouldn't/couldn't leave the room. They offered me tea and to call a doctor. I declined both offers but was

moved by their kindness.

I may get sick often when on the road, but I had to say that the worst thing ever is

to get sick while traveling alone. If I am sick, only when people I know and care about

are around does it make me feel better. It’s not even about them playing Florence

Nightingale -sometimes, just having them there and being able to feel their presence

is enough to make you feel stronger.

1.What is the best title for the text?

A. Being ill while travelling

B. The worst part of traveling alone

C. Recovering from the illness

D. Travelling alone while ill

2.Why did the author get sick?

A. Because she had wrong medicine.

B. Because she travelled too much.

C. Because she got a stomachache.

D. Because she had poisonous food.

3.What happened during my illness?

A. I had no food.

B. No one helped me.

C. I suffered a lot.

D. I was bitten by a bug.

4.What lesson did I get from the experience?

A. Don't get sick while travelling or you can't travel with pleasure.

B. Remember to have a mobile phone while travelling or you can't contact relatives.

C. Don't travel alone or you will get sick and feel lonely.

D. Be grateful for the presence of the people you know and care about.

参考答案 1—4、BDCD

四、七选五 【2014 高考英语四川省成都市一模试题】 根据对话内容,从对话后的选项中选出能填如空白处的最佳选项。选项中有两项为多余选项。 (共 5 小题;每小题 2 分,满分 10 分) Li Hua, who is planning to travel with his parents, is now calling Hyatt Travel Agency

in Xi’an.

(A: Assistant B: Li Hua)

A: Hello, this is Hyatt Travel Agency. May I help you?

L: Yes. This is Li Hua. I’ll have a short holiday, and I’m thinking about traveling

abroad with my parents. 51

A: Of course. May I ask how long your holiday will be?

L: About a week.

A: OK. 52

L: I`d love to go to Europe.


53 We have a special offer for European tours.

L: Great! 54

A: Sure. For family tours, we have five European cities on the list, and we’ll

see the Big Ben in London, the Eiffel Tower in Paris and other places of interest.


55 I’ll talk about this with my parents and call you back. Thank you.

【参考答案】补全对话 51—55、D C B F E

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